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First steps after installation

After you successfully install LEXOMI add-in, you can start using our Editor and Search.

If you are using Modern experience, you can make use of new actions that appeared in the menu: New LEXOMI document , View LEXOMI document , Search in library and Update and Check-in (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1

When a document is selected, Edit document action becomes available, so that you can the document (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1.2

If you are using Classic experience, you will see the new SharePoint actions which are available on the Files tab of the ribbon in each LEXOMI Document folder – New document, View document, Edit document and Update and Check-in (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.3

To access Search functionality, use Search in library action on the Library tab (Figure 1.4).

Figure 1.4

Getting started with LEXOMI Search

After installation the add-in will index your existing files. Usually it takes at least 15 minutes. Clicking Search in Library will open LEXOMI Search (Figure 1.5). Type a search query into the field and press “Enter”.

Figure 1.5. Launching a search query

LEXOMI uses its own algorithm to filter search results and show you the best among them. You can preview these results in a separate section:

Figure 1.6. Only LEXOMI documents can be part of Best Results section.

Getting started with Lexomi Documents

How to create a new LEXOMI document?

To create a LEXOMI document you can expand the Files tab on the ribbon and click New document  . After that the Editor will open and propose you to choose a template to create the document. After choosing a template you can start editing the document.

How to view a LEXOMI document?

To view a LEXOMI document open the folder where this document is stored and:

  1. Select the document
  2. Expand Files tab and click View document  . Selected document will open in the Viewer.


  1. Select the document
  2. Open ECB menu (…) of the selected document
  3. In the ECB menu select option View in LEXOMI Editor (Figure 1.7)

Figure 1.7. Selected document will open in the LEXOMI Viewer

How to edit a LEXOMI document?

To edit LEXOMI document open the folder where this document is located and:

  1. Select the document
  2. Expand Files tab and click Edit document  . Selected document will open in the Editor.


  1. Select the document
  2. Open ECB menu (…) of the selected document
  3. In the ECB menu select option Edit in LEXOMI Editor (Figure 1.8)


Figure 1.8. Selected document will be opened in the Editor


Q: After LEXOMI installation, why a document is still opening in Word Online?
A: LEXOMI document is opened in Word Online if you use SharePoint built-in actions or if you click directly on document name/link to open it. To open LEXOMI document in the
LEXOMI Editor you need to use LEXOMI custom actions placed on the Files ribbon in Open & Check Out section. You can also use corresponding options in document ECB menu.

Q: I cannot open my document in Lexomi Editor.
A: LEXOMI Editor only supports opening files of the LEXOMI Document Content Type. In other words, only documents created via LEXOMI Editor can be opened in it. Other documents, including ordinary .DOCX files cannot be opened in the Editor. Our documents are based on templates with a strictly defined structure, we do not support unstructured types of content and hence cannot render it in the Editor.

Q: Can I create a document with a Blank template?
A: No. LEXOMI documents are based on a strictly defined structure to allow for granular documentation search and make sure that all necessary bites of information aren’t lost somewhere in the document content.

Q: I can’t find a document after I created it.
A: Make sure all filtering and sorting parameters are correct for your SharePoint List view. Also, ensure that you have selected a template during document creation and wait until creation process terminates fully. Please, don’t close the tab or click Back button until the document creation process is terminated.

Q: Can I change a template type after document creation? Why?
A:  You cannot change a template type after document creation. Choose wisely! After creation of a LEXOMI document, its structure is sealed as specified in the selected template and cannot be changed.

Q: I have changed document properties in SharePoint, but they are not reflected in the document. Meanwhile, some other properties like Associated Author DO reflect in it. Why?
A: All necessary properties are kept inside a LEXOMI document. Even though we try to synchronize SharePoint fields and data inside the document, the document data may easily override values in SharePoint fields, so please prefer changing document properties inside the Editor instead of changing them directly in SharePoint.

Q: How can I adapt/correct a template?
A: It is not possible for now to customize a template. If you are interested in adapting templates to your own business processes, LEXOMI might be interested in producing ones for you. In that case, please contact us and we will discuss possible business cooperation.

Q: When editing a document, different headings are proposed to me in different places. Shouldn’t all headings be offered anywhere?
A: This is designed to help you with the document structure. Only certain headings can be used in certain places. Sometimes, you can be offered no headings at all, if our document validation policies do not allow headings at this place.

Q: Why is the document metadata empty? Associated Author field is empty, although I am the one who authored the document.
A: As for now, the document metadata has to be filled in manually. The document can be edited by different users, hence the need to specify Associated author explicitly.

Q: Document is displayed partly in German, partly in English language
A:  LEXOMI Editor uses 2 different locales when it comes to Authoring. The 1st locale is the Editor UI language, which is based on your language preference. The 2nd locale is the Document language, which can be changed in the Document Metadata tab. We use the Document Language, which can be different from your current locale, to generate appropriately localized headings and sections, while keeping the UI of the Editor in your currently preffered language.

Q: Why don’t I see all my colleagues in the People Picker fields?
A: As the number of people can be really huge, you only see 100 persons in the picker. If a colleague is not present in the people picker modal window, try typing his/her name in the field and you should be able to find him.

Q: Why is the numbering format different in some headings?
A: Numbering settings are specified in the LEXOMI template and might be different from one heading to another. It is expected that they might have a difference in the numbering format. We are following PRINCE2 guidelines to produce compliant documentation and it also specifies how numbering is supposed to be applied.

Q: Numbering is different in different templates. Is that as designed?
A: Yes, as all templates have structure differences depending on its type, the numbering might also be different.

Q: I can’t choose anything in the Project field.
A: To select something in the Project field, your Site Collection Administrator should complete step 4 – Taxonomies in the installation Wizard. If that was done, ensure your SharePoint site has at least 1 Term defined in the Project termset. Otherwise, this functionality won’t be available to you.

Q: I cannot move a heading or a section. Why?
A: Some heading or sections cannot be moved to other documents, or even inside the same document. This happens if the content of these headings or sections is reused in other documents. To be able to move them, please remove the dependency of other documents on the moved content.

Q: A content that I’ve reused is not up-to-date. Why and how can I fix it?
A:  Reused content doesn’t refresh instantly after the update. The update will be done when your document is closed and noone edits it. If you want to receive the update immediatly, please close and re-open the document, that way the system will understand you need the update immediately and will apply it. Another reason for the outdated content can be that the latest version of content provider document with updated content has not been checked in yet. Or someone could also restore a previous version of the document where you reuse the content from. To be sure, check the version history of the document.

Q: My document layout has been changed and I wasn’t doing anything. What might be the source of these changes?
A:  Document layout can be changed after a template update. To be sure, check the version history of the document for presence of recent Template update operations on it.

Q: I cannot reuse content inside a heading. Why?
A: There are several reasons why reuse content might not be possible:

  • The heading does not allow to reuse content from other places;
  • Selected heading type do not coincide with a heading type of the heading in the document where you want to reuse it from. Make sure the content you want to reuse is placed under the exact same heading as in the place where you want to reuse it.

Q: Why does LEXOMI keeps a document checked out to me after I move a part to it?
A: Moving a part leads to structural changes of a document and that has to be confirmed by a User who carried it out, in that case – by you.

Q: Why does LEXOMI still checks documents out to me even though my library has a setting to disallow checking out of documents?
A:  The setting to disallow checking out is ignored by LEXOMI Application to prevent simultaneous editing of the same document by different users as tis functionality is not yet supported.

Q: Why is my document checked out to the SharePoint App?
A: The document got checked out by the SharePoint App to perform an update of some dependent content in the document or to update its template. This means that some important actions are being performed with the document to keep it consistent and structurized. Please return to a document after a while, the checkout will be gone and you’ll be able to proceed with the editing.

Q: Version of my document has unexpectedly increased. Why did this happen?
A: The version of document can be increased as result of a Template or Content update. To be sure the version was increased because of document update check the version history of document.

Q: Why does my document have validation errors? Is my document available for usage?
A:  The validation of the document is needed to maintain and enforce the structure as per the document template. This errors appears to draw your attention to a document part which has these errors. It won’t prevent you from operating and saving document, but keep in mind that valid documents are often more readable and compliant to the industry standards than not valid ones.

Q: When logging in to the Editor, I see a modal window which proposes me to “Go to SharePoint” and I can’t continue. What is wrong?
A: Such a problem may occur if you have opened the same document for Editing in two different tabs. We currently don’t support that, please check that your document isn’t opened in any other tab or browser.

Q: What is the Update and Checkin button for? What does it update?
A: Update and Check in button contains the same functionality as the standard Check-in button, but in addition to it allows to push the changes of the document to its .DOCX file and update all necessary technical information needed for content updates and other LEXOMI functionality. Please use it instead of the standard Check-in button.

Q: I cannot pin more then 3 parts in the Editor.
A: That is designed to behave that way. There is a limit that we’ve added for performance reasons. In our experience, a user rarely needs more than 3 parts at the same moment of time. We welcome you to come back to us with another opinion, if you think that it’s really needed to have more than 3 parts in your daily work.

Q: How can I see the page number and total number of pages for my document?
A: Although you can print a LEXOMI document, it is not tied up to printing format (traditional A4 sheets), hence we do not provide page numbers. The number of characters used in document can be found in the left bottom corner of the opened LEXOMI Editor.

Q: Sections of a document have lost their headings during move or during its drag and drop. How can I get them back?
A: Section heading is lost upon moving or dragging and dropping because in such a heading type is not allowed in a place where you moved it. It is not possible to get it back after moving, as you have to pick a heading which is allowed in the new place.

Q: I have moved a part and want to cancel it. Is this possible?
A:  The move part action cannot be canceled/undone in the LEXOMI Editor. If you need to get back the moved part, you have to restore previous version of the document from SharePoint.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support at



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